We use electricity everyday but it can be dangerous.  One of the most common causes of fire in a home or business is electrical fires.  Electrical fires can happen for many reasons – faulty wiring, improperly used extension cords and overloaded power boxes are just a few.  Here are five electrical fire safety tips that you can implement to decrease the risk to your home and family.

  1. Do not run extension cords under carpets. A faulty extension cord with a rip in the casing can spark, leading to the carpet catching on fire.
  2. Prevent tampering with outlets and plugs. Tamper resistant plugs for young children are widely available. Older children should be well educated on the dangers of playing with outlets or inserting objects which can spark and cause a flame
  3. Do not overload outlets. Too many high wattage appliances plugged into one circuit can cause a catastrophic failure which can lead to a fire in or near your electric box, especially in older homes.
  4. Inspect problematic outlets and switches. Switches that shock or feel warm may well be faulty and should be inspected by an electrician. Exposed or degraded wires can cause fires in the walls behind your switches.
  5. Turn off any electrical appliances you are not using – especially at night, when a fire can spread quickly while you sleep.

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Thank you for your fast response and great job. I was so impressed with your work ethic and best of all, it cost a lot less than what other electricians were going to charge.

Ellen Saunders – Robina